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Paradigm Crypto is a private group focused on extensive market research and analyzing investment trends of the blockchain industry. 

Our mission is to provide insight and knowledge on blockchain technology and help others prosper in the cryptocurrency markets.



Market Analysis

We provide market analysis and research on blockchain investment trends. Our focus includes day trades, swing trades, and long term investments. 

Some of our most recent calls from the end of March include DBC (+140%), TRAC (+105%), CXO (+90%), AXP (+75%).

With our analysts, we provide a mix of technical analysis and fundamental analysis. More importantly, our goal is to educate you on blockchain technology, how to trade, how to adapt to market changes, and how to prosper in cryptocurrency markets.

Community Chat

Our number one priority is open communication between our members. No question should go unasked.

Having members from all types of backgrounds with different levels of proficiency in the blockchain industry helps to open a world of knowledge to share.

Scheduled Meetings

We have scheduled calls and meetings to discuss current market trends, top coin investments, best methods for trading, and so on.

The goals of the meetings are to keep you informed on news and updates - both in and out of Paradigm Crypto.

We will also offer trainings and educational webinars that focus on specific topics, from trading strategy to understanding of blockchain purposes and use cases.



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